Engineering Company Project Management Principles Training

DEVELOP Training Center (TM)  menyelenggarakan Workshop Engineering Company Project Management Principles Training yang sangat berguna untuk mendapatkan skill tentang Project Management untuk Engineering Consultant Company, seperti diantaranya:

  • Memahami Organisasi Proyek Engineering
  • Penerapan manajemen proyek pada proyek Engineering
  • Melaksanakan phase Detail Engineering&hand-over dengan smooth
  • Mengetahui problem solving dalam mengelola proyek Engineering
  • Menerapkan Quality Management System

Materi Training di DEVELOP Training Center (TM) dirancang khusus oleh para praktisi Project Engineer sesuai dengan kebutuhan project. Anda akan mendapat sharing ilmu langsung dari para praktisi yang berpengalaman.

DEVELOP mengimplementasikan Syllabus Engineering Company Project Management Principles Training dengan tahap-tahap pembelajaran berkualitas sbb :

Sesi 1-2

Skill Focus:

  • Project Scope of Work
  • Deliverable List/Schedule Development (CTR/ Cost, Time & Resource Schedule)
      • Coordination
      • Planning
      • Scheduling
      • Cost Control
      • Document Control
      • Offshore Structures
      • Sub-sea Pipelines
      • Marine Facilities
      • Process
      • Mechanical / Piping
      • Instrumentation / Control
      • Electrical
  • Review Of CLIENT Supplied Information
  • Reporting Activities:
    • Project Management Reporting
    • Document schedule reporting
    • Progress reporting
    • Deliverable Register preparation & up dating
    • Weekly progress reporting
    • Monthly engineering reporting
    • Minutes of Meeting
  • FEED Development
  • Design Reviews:
    • Overall Plot Plan
    • HAZOP Studies
    • Model Review
  • Interface Co-ordination

Sesi 3-4

Skill Focus:

  • Detail Engineering Process Works & Management of Changes
    • Verifies whether design output meets design requirements
    • check-print stamp & document routing.
    • Initiates section check and progress-status
    • Reviews comments with other discipline engineers.
    • Minor comments resolved Lead Engineer approves
    • Major comments or unsolved comments
    • Document not approved.
    • Prepares document issue with attachments transmittal to Engineering Manager for signature.
    • Issue document to client as per project procedure e-mail soft-copy hand-carry hard copies.
  • Hazop&Other Studies
  • Specialist Engineering Studies
  • Project Documentation
  • Project Close-Out

Selama training, instruktur kami akan menggunakan kombinasi teori serta praktek langsung dengan studi kasus telah dipersiapkan yang menyerupai Proyek nyata.


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DEVELOP's educational commitment : to maintain professionalism and integrity in our work at all times, giving due respect to the environment and interest of society and the nation


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