Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Principles Comprehensive & Understanding Training

DEVELOP Training Center menyelenggarakan Training Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Principles Comprehensive&Understanding yang sangat berguna untuk mendapatkan skill tentang Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Design, Analisis dan Report pada Project&Plant Operation.

Materi Training di DEVELOP Training Center dirancang khusus oleh para praktisi engineer dan designer disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan project. Anda akan mendapat sharing ilmu langsung dari para praktisi yang berpengalaman bertahun-tahun.


DEVELOP menerapkan Syllabus Training Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Principles Comprehensive & Understanding dengan tahap-tahap pembelajaran berkualitas sbb :

Sesi 1-2  Safety Life Cycle,Functional Safety,Safety Instrument System,Hazard Identification, SIL determination IEC 61511-3,LOPA& Safety Requirement Specification/SRS

Skill Focus :

  • Safety life cycle (Design,Construction&as built Changes after Commissioning)
    • Accident Causes in Industry
    • Failure Prevention
  • Functional Safety&Safety Instrument System/SIS Standard-Code : IEC 61511 & IEC 61508-4
    • Safety Instrument System/SIS to build safer system,more cost effective system&framework for consistent Functional Safety design
    • Process Safety,BPCS&Protection Layers
    • Functional Safety Assessment/Audit,Safety Lifecycle Structure&Planning
    • Hazard&Risk Assessment,Allocation of Safety Functions to protection layers
    • Safety Requirement to Safety Instrument System/SIS
    • Design&Engineering of Safety Instrument System/SIS
    • Design&Development for Risk Reduction
    • Installation&Commissioning Validation
    • Operation-Maintenance,Modification&Decommissioning
    • Safety Instrument System/SIS Verification
    • Safety Instrument Function/SIF (Sensors,Logic Solver,Final Elements)
    • Safety Integrity Level/SIL Levels 1-2-3&4 (Demand Mode of Operation,Failure Probability,Target Risk Reduction)
    • CCPS Hazard CCPS (harm to people,property,or environment)
  • Hazard identification
    • Hazard Deviation,Causes,Consequences,Safeguards&Recommendation
    • Process Risk Criteria
    • Quantitative Hazard Identification Method
    • Identify Potential Hazard-operational problems&consequences, with Structured&Systematic Examination
    • Management Commitment,Knowledge Experience,Information PID-PFD-SOP
    • Multidiscipline HAZOP Team Review (Design Purpose,Deviation,Consequences&Action Safeguards)
    • HAZOP Case Study
  • SIL determination comply with IEC 61511-3
    • Residual Risk,Tolerable Risk&Process Risk
    • Mitigation (Plant Emergency Response Layers,Passive Protection Layers,Relief Valve-Rupture Disk Active Protection Layers)
    • Prevention (Emergency Shutdown Safety Layers,Process Shutdown,Process Alarm&Process Value/Basic Process Control System)
  • LOPA for SIL determination
    • LOPA Overview&How LOPA Works (Scenarios,event frequency,IPL,risk decision,consequence and severity)
    • LOPA Scenario Initiating Event,Enabling event&consequences (over-pressuring the system, release of toxic or flammable, fatality etc)
    • LOPA Conditional Modifier (Probability of ignition,person present,fatal injury&financial loss)
    • Information Net Used in LOPA (Independent Protection Layers/IPLs,Probability of Failure on Demand/PFD,Severity&Frequency,Risk Tolerance&Safe Result/Outcome)
    • IPL Rules (Effective,Independent&Auditable)
  • LOPA Case Study
    • Control Loop Failure,Seal Failure,Gasket Failure,Rotating Equipment Trip,Fixed Equipment Failure,Loss of Power,Utility Failure
    • Process Safety Valve,Flame Arrestor,Independent Control Loop,CRO with alarm
    • Human Errors
    • Probability of failure on demand average (PFDavg)
    • Hazard and Risk Assessment
    • Determining RRF to have SIL
    • Failure Rate for Process Components (Controller,Control Valve,Flow Measurement Fluids-Solids,Flow Switch,Gas-Liquid Chomarograph,Level Measurement Fluids-Solids,Oxygen Analyzer,Solenoid Valve etc)
  • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)

Sesi 3-4  HFT vs Voting,SIS Design Engineering,Logic Solver,IO,EWS/OWS/SOE,Safety Shutdown System Architecture,Final Elements&SIL Verification

Skill Focus :

  • HFT Vs Voting (Architecture,Voting,HFT&Redundancy)
  • SIS Design Engineering
    • Safety Reliability Data (Safe Detected/Undetected, Dangerous Detected/Undetected & Detail Errors)
    • Test Interval (PFD Test Period,Interval of Operation,Time Interval,Proof Test Interval in years,Voting,PFDavg,Architecture)
    • Sensor (Certified IEC61508,Reliability Data,Transmitter,Switch&Diagnostic NAMUR NE43)
  • Logic Solver (Certified IEC61508 latest,Safety Reliability,Controller,Communication,Power,I/O&SIL capability)
    • Controller Design,Communication Module&Power Supply Module
  • Input Output
    • Redundant or simplex IO,Galvanic isolated/optically isolated/electrical isolated
    • Analog modules HART pass thru&NAMUR 43
    • Digital modules AC-DC
    • Interposing relay SIL 2 certified
    • Input output with SIL-2&SIL-3 Surge Protection
    • System Diagnostic
  • EWS, OWS, SOE, Operator Interface
    • programming&configuration in EWS
    • Partial Stroke Test
    • logic programmed using Function Block
    • SOE c/w event reporting facility
    • Controller response time
    • Maintenance&Operation Override by hard key switches/Soft programmed HMI Human Machine Interface
  • Safety Shutdown System Architecture (Ews-Ows-Soe,Safety Network,Fire Gas System/FGS Control Panel,Hardwire,Modbus&DCS Control Panel)
  • Final Elements
    • IEC 61508 comply
    • Safety Reliability Data
    • Shutdown Valves&Blow Down Valves (Ball Valves)
    • Stroking Time
    • TSO
    • Diagnostic&test device (Partial Stroke Test Device, Position Limit Switches etc)
  • SIL Verification
    • Results from LOPA and SRS
    • Final Verification and Recommendation for the Evaluated SIF
  • Case Study


Materi Training di DEVELOP Training Center  dirancang khusus oleh para praktisi engineer dan designer disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan project. Anda akan mendapat sharing ilmu langsung dari para praktisi yang berpengalaman bertahun-tahun.

Pembahasan materi mengetengahkan contoh-contoh latihan dalam konteks dunia proyek konstruksi sehingga lebih familier dengan aktivitas proyek sehari-hari. Selama training, instruktur kami akan menggunakan kombinasi teori serta praktek langsung dengan studi kasus yang telah dipersiapkan yang menyerupai Proyek nyata.


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