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Fatigue&Seismic Dynamic Structural Analysis Engineering Training

DEVELOP Training Center (TM) conducts Dynamic Structural Analysis Engineering Training, which is very useful to gain skills on how to build Structure Design Simulation & Analysis, as well as navigate and optimize the engineering design.

Fatigue Analysis is an analysis carried out to determine the age of fatigue in the structure. There are many offshore structures that experience repetitive (cyclical) loads that cause reduced strength. This phenomenon is known as fatigue, and is essentially characterized by a crack process and in the process of propagation and damage.

Seismic Analysis is an analysis carried out to determine the strength of the structure against ground motion (Ground Motion) or the planned structure capable of withstanding earthquakes.

Learning outcome

The Fatigue session in this course is aimed to :

  • Provide understanding of methodologies for fatigue life assessment of structures
  • An introduction is given to causes of fatigue and parameters that control the development and growth of cracks
  • A review over traditional assessment methods based on nominal stresses and strains is also given

The Seismic session in this course is aimed to :

  • Identify situations where earthquake loading must be included in the design of structures and how to define this loading
  • Understand the basic principles of seismic design and select appropriate performance requirements for structures subjected to earthquake loads
  • Select an appropriate structural configuration for a building situated in a seismic zone
  • Analyse a building for combined service and seismic loading
  • Design seismically isolated structures

DEVELOP implement Syllabus of Fatigue & Seismic Dynamic Structure Engineering Analysis Training with quality learning stages as follows :

Session 1-2 Offshore Structure Fatigue Overview,Structural Data Gathering,Structural Modeling,Natural Frequency-Stress Concentration Factor Calculation&Structural Fatigue Life Analysis

Skill Focus :

  • Structural Data Gathering
  • Structural Modeling
  • Natural Frequency Calculation
  • Spectral Fatigue Analysis
  • Semi-Probabilistic Analysis
  • Structural Loading
  • Structural Response
  • Nominal Stress
  • Stress Concentration/SCF Calculation
  • Nominal Stress on Hot Spot
  • S-N Curve Selection
  • Structural Fatigue Life Analysis & Reporting
  • Case Study & Discussion
  • Review&QA checks of Fatigue Calculation&Analysis

Session 3-4 Offshore Structure Seismic Overview,Environmental Data Gathering,Structural Modeling,Spectrum Response&Seismic Analysis

Skill Focus :

  • Structural Data Gathering
  • Environmental Data Gathering
  • Structural Modeling
  • Natural Period Calculation
  • Seismic Environmental Data and Spectrum Response
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Member Stress Check
  • Base Shear Force
  • Support Reaction
  • Stress Ratio
  • Member Stress
  • Member Displacement
  • Pile Stress
  • Case Study & Discussion
  • Review&QA checks of Seismic Calculation&Analysis
  • Final Plots & Reports

Our Offshore Structure Intelligent Modeling & Analysis Course Material are designed specifically by the senior engineers and designers in accordance with common project requirements.Therefore, you will get knowledge sharing directly from practitioners with years of experience.


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