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Offshore Subsea Pipeline Engineering Design Fundamental

DEVELOP Training Center (TM)  menyelenggarakan Training Offshore Subsea Pipeline Engineering Design Fundamental yang sangat berguna untuk mendapatkan skill tentang Offshore Subsea Pipeline Design & Analysis serta optimalisasinya.

Materi Training di DEVELOP Training Center (TM) dirancang khusus oleh para praktisi designer & engineer sesuai dengan kebutuhan project. Anda akan mendapat sharing ilmu langsung dari para praktisi yang berpengalaman.

DEVELOP mengimplementasikan Syllabus Training Offshore Subsea Pipeline Engineering Design Fundamental dengan tahap-tahap pembelajaran berkualitas sbb :

Sesi 1-2 Subsea Pipeline Engineer Overview,Workscope & Design Criteria

  • Subsea Pipeline Engineer Overview & Workscope
  • Subsea Pipeline Design Basis
  • Subsea Pipeline Route Selection, Marine Survey,Diameter Selection&Sizing Gas Lines
  • Wall Thickness and Grade
  • Collapse Due to External Pressure
  • Local Buckling Due to Bending and External Pressure
  • Buckle Propagation

Sesi 3-4 Subsea Pipeline Construction Feasibility & Installation

  • Preliminary Wall Thickness for Internal Pressure Containment (Burst)
  • Collapse Due to External Pressure
  • Subsea Pipeline On-Bottom Stability,Soil Friction Factor,Hydrodynamic Force Calculation,Stability Criteria&Bottom Roughness Analysis
  • Allowable Span Length on Current-Dominated Oscillations & External Corrosion Protection
  • Construction Feasibility
  • Subsea Pipeline J-lay,S-lay, Reel-lay and Tow Installation
oilgascourse_com_Subsea Pipeline Engineering Design Fundamentals

Hydraulic Analysis Case Study Example

Untuk memaksimalkan hasil training, tiap kelas kami batasi hanya untuk 6 peserta saja.


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