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Boiler Design Power Plant Comprehensive Training

DEVELOP Oil&Gas Training Center menyelenggarakan Kelas Boiler Design Power Plant Comprehensive Training yang akan mengajarkan kepada Anda tentang Prinsip-prinsip Desain Power Boiler untuk Pembangkit listrik beserta optimalisasi penerapannya. 

DEVELOP menerapkan Syllabus Boiler Design Power Plant Comprehensive Training dengan tahap-tahap pembelajaran berkualitas sbb :

Sesi 1-2

Skill Focus:

  • Boiler Design Power Plant Overviews
  • Boiler Types
  • Applicable Standard&Code
  • Case Study
  • Boiler Structural Design
  • Boiler Diameter, Fire Tube Diameter&Internal Pressure Sizing
  • Operating Temperature&Operating Steam Pressure
  • Material Properties
  • Young Modulus, Poisson Ratio&Density
  • Thermal Expansion, Yield strength&Fatigue Limit
  • Boiler Loads
  • Boiler Body Sizing, Maximum Allowable stress value&Joint Coefficient


Sesi 3-4

Skill Focus:

  • Pressure Sizing
  • Boiler Inner Radius, Boiler Body Diameter&Minimum Plate Thickness
  • Fire Tube Sizing (Outer Firetube Diameter Sizing)
  • Firetube Length&Pressure Sizing
  • Tubesheet
  • Boiler Ligament, Boiler Main Steam&Blowdown Piping Nozzle
  • Boiler Construction
  • Mass,Volume&Boiler Surface Design
  • Boiler Static Analysis
  • Tubesheet Loads&Firetube Surface Pressure
  • Firetube, Boiler Body&Nozzle Temperature
  • Boiler Deformation,Von Mises Stress&Displacement
  • QA checks of Boiler Design Power Plant Analysis&Models
  • Boiler Design Power Plant Plots&Reports


Selama training, instruktur kami akan menggunakan kombinasi teori serta praktek langsung dengan studi kasus telah dipersiapkan yang menyerupai Proyek nyata.


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