DEVELOP Oil and Gas Training Centre Dedicated Onshore/Offshore Engineering Design Course & Equipment Design Assistance from FEED to Commissioning

e-Learning Courses Available

DEVELOP possess full range of Technical and Project Management capabilities backed by resources to execute Oil/Gas,Petrochemical, Power & Mining Industry Training such as :

  • Feasibility Studies&Front End Engineering Design (Greenfield&Brownfield)
  • Multi Discipline Detail Engineering : Process/Chemical Engineering, Structure Engineering, Piping and Mechanical Engineering, Pipeline, Marine/Naval Engineering, Instrumentation&Electrical
  • Technical Plant Design&Inspection
  • Asset Maintenance & Operation
  • EPCI Project Management
  • EPCI Document Control System

DEVELOP Training Center e-learning Platform Features are highlighted as follows:

1. Live Class Video Audio Teleconference
live Teleconference class that allows participants to learn one on one directly from field expert

2. Interactive learning
Learning interactions through live chat discussion, etc.

3. Comprehensive Online Teaching Materials
Online teaching material modules and case studies taken from real past projects

Should you have further queries regarding our elearning Training Services, Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.
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