ASME B31.8 Integrity System untuk Transmission Pipeline Training

DEVELOP Training Center (TM)  menyelenggarakan Training ASME B31.8 Integrity System untuk Transmission Pipeline yang sangat berguna untuk mendapatkan skill Knoweldge, Recommended Practice penerapan ASME B 31.8 untuk Onshore/Offshore Pipeline Transmission System beserta optimalisasinya.

DEVELOP mengimplementasikan Syllabus Training ASME B31.8 Integrity System untuk Transmission Pipeline dengan tahap-tahap pembelajaran berkualitas sbb :

Sesi 1-2

Skill Focus:

  • ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission&Distribution Piping Overview&Structures
  • ASME B31.8 Scope,Intent&Definitions
  • Piping Systems&Component Definitions
  • Design,Fabrication,Operation,and Quality Assurance
  • Materials for Use in Low Temperature
  • Marking
  • Material Specifications&Equipment Specifications
  • Line Pipe Transportation
  • Reuse of Pipe Conditions&Tensile Testing

Sesi 3-4

Skill Focus:

  • Welding Preparation&Qualification of Welders
  • Preheating,Stress Relieving&Weld Inspection Requirements
  • Defective Welds in Piping Repair&Removal
  • Hoop Stress Levels&Minimum Yield Strength
  • Piping System Components&Fabrication Details
  • Expansion&Flexibility
  • Longitudinal Pipe Stress Design
  • Exposed Piping Supports&Anchorage
  • Anchorage for Buried Piping
  • Welded Branch Connections Special Requirements Reinforcement
  • Piping Thermal Expansion

Materi Training di DEVELOP Training Center dirancang khusus oleh para praktisi designer & engineer sesuai dengan kebutuhan project. Anda akan mendapat sharing ilmu langsung dari para praktisi yang berpengalaman.


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