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Pipeline Corrosion Protection&Control

DEVELOP Training Center (TM)  menyelenggarakan Training Pipeline Corrosion Protection&Control Training yang sangat berguna untuk mendapatkan skill tentang Penanganan serta pengendalian Korosi/Karat pada Pipeline beserta best practice optimalisasinya.

Materi Training di DEVELOP Training Center (TM) dirancang khusus oleh para praktisi designer & engineer sesuai dengan kebutuhan project. Anda akan mendapat sharing ilmu langsung dari para praktisi yang berpengalaman.

DEVELOP mengimplementasikan Syllabus Training Pipeline Corrosion Protection&Control Training dengan tahap-tahap pembelajaran berkualitas sbb :

Sesi 1-2 Pipeline Corrosion Fundamentals
Skill Focus :
  • Transmission Pipelines Overview
  • Pipeline Leakage,Pressure Drop & Corrosion
  • Causes of Corrosion
  • Water Source
  • Anode,Cathode,Electrolyte&Metallic path Corrosion Cell
Sesi 3-4 Pipeline Corrosion Protection&Control
Skill Focus :
  • Insulation & Cathodic Protection
  • Sacrificial Anode Overview,Material & Driving Voltage
  • Sacrificial Anode Installation (Insulated Splice Connection,Cable Header&Anode Length)
  • Impressed Current Overview,Types of anode&Rectifier rates
  • Impressed Current Installation (1 Phase & 3 Phase Unit)
  • Total Anode needed & Impressed Current Design/Calculation (Pipe Diameter,Pipe Length,Soil Resistivity,Coating Efficiency,Coating Impedance,Maximum Groundbed Resistance,Lifetime)
  • Pipeline Corrosion Protection Equipments : Pipeline Drips, Filters, Separators, Slug Catchers Pipeline Corrosion Protection&Control

Single Drain Points Attenuation Curves

Untuk memaksimalkan hasil training, tiap kelas kami batasi hanya untuk 6 peserta saja.

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