DEVELOP Oil and Gas Training Centre Dedicated Onshore/Offshore Engineering Design Course & Equipment Design Assistance from FEED to Commissioning



DEVELOP Oil&Gas Training Center is a Training Provider Specialists for :

  1. Project Management
  2. Contract Supervision & Requirements Conformation with Quality Management System
  3. Engineering Detail Design Multi Discipline including Process Engineering, Structure Engineering, Piping and Mechanical Engineering & Instrumentation
  4. Geographical Information System Engineering

Over the years, DEVELOP Oil&Gas Training Center, has demonstrated capabilities in conducting Oil Gas,Geothermal&Mining Front End Engineering Training,Detail EngineeringTraining,Project Management Training and related.

The philosophy at DEVELOP is to provide quality training to its clients, within budget costs, and time schedules. DEVELOP pride itself in working with clients to achieve the successful conclusion of every training.


DEVELOP possess full range of Technical and Project Management capabilities backed by resources to execute Offshore/Onshore Oil/Gas related Training & Seminars. Such as Project Management, Contract Supervision, Quality Management System, Detail Design in multi discipline including Process Engineering, Structure Engineering, Piping and Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation as well as Geographical Information System Engineering.

Our Capabilities include the following:

Project Management Quality Instructors, capable to train about:
1. Project Scope Management

  • Project Initiation, Chartering
  • Scope Planning, Scope Statement
  • Scope Definition, WBS Development

2.Project Time Management

  • Project Time Management Overview
  • Plan Project
  • Basic Concept of Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Project Monitoring
  • Corrective Action
  • Communicate Schedule

3. Cost Management

  • Cost Estimating Overview
  • Cost Control Overview

4. Communication Management

  • Communication Planning
  • Information Distribution
  • Performance Reporting
  • Administrative Closure

5. Procurement Management

  • Procurement Planning
  • Bid Planning
  • Bidding & Source Selection
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Close-out

6. Work Breakdown Structure
7. Schedule Development
8. Schedule Analysis – Critical Path Method
9. Schedule Update and Analysis

Quality Management System Quality Instructors, capable to train about:
Design of services

  • Contract & Requirements Conformation
  • Validation of processes (Monitoring and measurement)
  • Traceability & Post delivery activities
  • Outsourced design and development activities

PROCESS/CHEMICAL Engineering Quality Instructors, capable to train about:

  • Process simulation for Petro-chemical and Chemical complex.
  • PFD’s, MFD’s, P&ID’s.
  • Equipment and line sizing.
  • Mass and heat balance, Flow control.
  • Multiphase flow, Pipeline sizing.
  • Corrosion
  • Corrosion control.
  • Cathodic protection.

STRUCTURE Engineering Quality Instructors, capable to train about:

  • Assessment of new and existing platforms (fit for use)
  • In-place engineering of Offshore Platforms Jackets and Topsides
  • 3D Launch time history modeling & analysis
  • Soil/pile interaction,Load-out, sea fastening, transportation, stability, launch.
  • Flotation and upending analysis including gravity, buoyancy, sling
  • Dynamic/Push over analysis,
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Deterministic and random dynamic wave response analysis
  • Earthquake response spectrum and time history analysis
  • Fpso/Fpu topside fatigue modeling & analysis
  • Transportation inertia and upending load generation
  • Code check for tubular and non-tubular pile cross-sections
  • Linearized pile element of stiffness matrix creation
  • Pipe racks, steel, concrete Modeling&Analysis

MECHANICAL/PIPING Engineering Quality Instructors

  • Equipment design, selection, specifications.
  • Piping design and routing, isometrics, MTO’s.
  • Fire and safety.
  • Maintenance manuals.

ELECTRICAL&INSTRUMENTATION Engineering Quality Instructors

  • Load studies, power design, controls.
  • Line diagrams, C&E hook-up diagrams.
  • Control panels, switch gear, wiring diagrams.
  • hook-ups.

Geographical Information System (GIS) Engineering Quality Instructors

  • Planning and analysis such as forecasting and risk analysis
  • Asset/data management including systems integration, claims/case management, service/territory area management, and constituent/customer management
  • Business operations such as call center/dispatching; monitoring and tracking; field data collection; inspections, maintenance and operations; and routing
  • Situational awareness including decision support and customer/public access
DEVELOP's educational commitment : to maintain professionalism and integrity in our work at all times, giving due respect to the environment and interest of society and the nation